So sorry about my lack of posts lately been busy working on Broken! The game every day is getting better and we are trying to get it to a good enough quality to show off at GDC this year. We are trying to get our character sprites to animate before next week but we may not get all the art in time but they will be in as soon as Austin sends us them. I found alot of research on it since non of us worked on animation before in unity. Kriz is using my research to get Jim to walk around. Seth has been working on our new menu systems. Evan is working hard on trying new ways to get our game name out there. He is working on poster ideas, t-shirts, and other possible give aways. We started working on the idea of changing the game to have a dual shatter instead of a single shatter component instead of a single timer. This system will not be linear. Instead it work by how many walls you may move into. If one of the characters hits a wall his or her floor crack a little. After the floor cracks too much it will shatter and the character will fall through and it is game over. This is not final. We are going to play test and see what people think.