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Dec 06

A sample of our mime level with Amanda’s awesome artwork!

A sample of our mime level with Amanda’s awesome artwork!

Title Screen for Broken!

Title Screen for Broken!

so….. ya…

We were told today our art work wasn’t good. I think it is good but I agreed and so did the rest of the group that some of the art assets make the levels look to busy. What sucked was we didn’t have time to send it back and get fixed because f time so we just implemented it and planned on fixing it later. It needs to be fixed for next week. We are also hoping to get more audio into the levels and hopefully we get the pyro and rebel music asset soon. These things were just issues in needing a little more time and I can honestly say if it wasn’t the week before finals we would have fixed these problems but we should have planned for more time. After that we were told we were making good progress, that they liked how we were making tons of revisions, and that it was good that we have been keeping track of play testing data and using that data to shape our game. For example our sanity bar was set to be 5 minutes long but players were getting through levels on averages between 2 and 3 minutes so we bumped the sanity bar down to 3 minutes to try and up the tension of levels.

Dec 02

3 Improvements

We were asked to post on our blogs three improvements we can make to our presentations based on our Last presentation which were filmed. Here are my three ways we can improve:

Have a Plan — We really got up there without a plan of who was going to talk and no idea of who would talk about what. It is bad that we really didn’t but we spend more time on the game then preparing to talk about our game.

Less ums — We like to say um alot when thinking about what next to say and if we planned a head we most likely would have cut down on the ums we said through out the presentation.

Don’t Be Negative — It may not have showed in the video as much but I know it is a thing we do need to work on cause that was our second shot at the video cause we started our first in a negative way when really we should talk about all the good things about our game and how much we love working on this game.

Dec 01

Goals for this Week!

Goal we hope to accomplish for our final copy:

Morgan: is trying to finish the last of the sanity bar, is implementing the scoring system, and is getting leader boards placed into the game.

Kriz and Seth: are updating the old levels with the changes I created to make there be more challenge. They are also implementing the personality special mechanics.

Nick: I am play testing levels that we are not up dating so I can place them in order of difficulty. I’m also starting to work on our final documentation file for the last class. I am going to start adding in sound once all the levels are updated. I was also told by Bill to create a language of the different strategies so I can explain how to solve the levels and so we could building level with better progress and have in more formulaic.

All: We are each taking a personality and are going to add in the art assets when they come in. Kriz told us that Amanda would be giving them to us soon either today or by the start of the weekend.

Nov 29

This Week

this week I finished the blueprints for the newly updated levels in which we will get up and running for next weeks version 2. Seth since last week updated or very basic sanity bar that morgan had created for testing purposes. We were told that we would have access to art assets by the weekend so we plan on placing in new art work as soon as the levels are updated to the newer versions I created then. Hopefully I’ll get some place tests in this weekend for any minor changes that need to be made before. Today we are meeting to discuss goals and jobs for the rest of week. Seth however told us he wasn’t feeling good so I don’t think he will be in today.

Nov 22

intresting turn of events…

Our dropbox is eating all of our files. Luckily we had backups. SO…. we presented with files that I luckily had brought to class on my handy dandy laptop. We then presented to the class our first digital version since the prototype. Since the last version we added another 40 levels and 2 new movement mechanics each. We also added an new fire game object. We also talked about a lot of the playtesting and what we learn from it. For example through playtesting we learned that we need to make the game harder. Some suggestions from players were that they shouldn’t be able to touch certain walls or you can but they may penalize you. So this week and weekend I’m going back and start changing up the levels with this wall idea so that we could see how that influences the game and the difficulty. We also plan on implementing a sanity bar that acts as a timer and player health and when this bar depletes the player loses the game. We also talked about the sanity bar being away to judge or set a scoring system for “Broken” but that is just talk now. I also drew up a day or two ago a basic art asset list for the guys to look over and see what else may need to be added or taken out for Amanda.

Nov 21

play test message

a friend of mine saw that I posted the webplayer for broken on my devblog and he ended up playing it and this was what he sent me over facebook:

"I liked it but it was all too easy. Some levels pass in two 3 seconds with luck. Make it so you have to get the circles in at the same ish time, or freeze one ball if the other is in the square, hit detection is too forgiving, i can scrap the circles against the boxes and win. I likes the concept, for some strange reason it felt like portal." -KV

Play Testing

So this past week we have been playtesting non stop our digital prototype. we have been getting good response from it saying that it is a cool idea and very fun but need to be a little harder. All the levels upon becoming a digital game lost difficulty. In the paper version people gave up on a bunch of levels cause they were said to be too hard but in digital they have become too easy. So our goal is to make them more challenging. This week I’m going back to recreate the levels or revamp the levels with new tricks and more danger. This way Broken version 2 will be more challenging then this first version. We are currently talking about what new tricks we shall add. So far walls that damage your sanity seem to be the definite one to be in but we are talking about separate personality mechanics where they have their own theme challenges that will come around as the player gets further in the levels.

Nov 18

This is a screen shot of our second version of the  digital prototype. This is the Pryo level the red and blue orbs are the player, the square spaces are exits, and the orange orbs are fire.

This is a screen shot of our second version of the  digital prototype. This is the Pryo level the red and blue orbs are the player, the square spaces are exits, and the orange orbs are fire.